About Me

Hi, I'm Pikami,
I started programming when I was just 14 years old.
The thing that introduced me to this hobby was SAMP (San-Andreas multi player) gamemode scripting which was done by using pawn programming language.
My interest in software development grew as I joined numerous coding/hacking forums and when I was 16 I decided to turn this hobby into my career.

Currently I'm working as a Software Developer for a company that offers software development and consulting. While I'm at work I get to develop both internal systems and public facing sites, on some projects I even get to build CI/CD pipelines and manage the project's execution environments. At work I mostly code in C# and JavaScript.

While I'm not working I spend my time learning about technology from managing servers to breaking them, from software to hardware development, from internet to radio-wave communication I'm curious about everything.

So come read my blog and learn about some of the crazy stuff I do, who knows maybe it'll inspire you to try doing something yourself.